Not Winamp’s Fault

So, the upgrade to Vista didn’t turn out to be 100% successful.

It turns out that the Winamp crashing I experienced was caused by Vista’s epic failure in the audio realm.  Since they changed the way audio drivers run (user mode instead of kernel mode now), no driver from an earlier version of Windows will run.

I tried and failed to get the following sound cards to work:

Sound Blaster Live!
Sound Blaster Live! Value
Terratec Audiosystem EWX 24/96
M-Audio Audiophile Delta 44
Diamond Monster Sound MX300
Diamond Monster Sound MX400
Yamaha YMF744B
Dynex DX-SC51

The only one that worked was the Dynex card.  It’s also the only card I paid less than $10 for new.

The moral:  Only use extra-cheap soundcards.  Hi-Fi sound is not permitted.

On an upside, all of the Basternae 3 applications and utilities run fine on Vista.