On Hold For Now

As you can probably tell, there hasn’t been any real activity here for a while.

I really enjoy working on Basternae code, but there’s no money in it, so for now it’ll be on hold while I work on more lucrative projects.

Don’t worry, I’ll return to B3 at some point…


2 thoughts on “On Hold For Now

  1. Zaeru

    Just stumbled upon your site. I wrote a few zones for Duris way back when (Sarmiz’Duul, Shadowfall, Worm Tunnels (the big worm zone, not the Sarmiz extension), and a couple of others that you are welcome to use if you ever bring Bast 3 online.

  2. Xangis Post author

    Thank you. I know it’ll be online full-time at some point, but it won’t be soon.

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