Ready For Some Preliminary Testing Soon

Some time in the next few days I hope to put up the Basternae 3 codebase in its current state temporarily in the hope that a few folks will be willing to help with some testing.

This isn’t a “beta” or anything like that.  It’s more of a “proof of concept” — to find out what’s completely broken and/or needs work next.  After the things in this test are fixed then I’ll be ready to start thinking about getting some help with zones.  For this test there will probably only be one or two zones attached – just enough to try out some combat, etc.

What I’ll be looking for in this test is just for someone (or multiple someones) to try all of the commands, skills, help file entries, socials, etc. and report any that are non-functional, fail to give any feedback, or that just behave weird.  I know that classes and their skills/abilities still need a fair amount of work, but this will also help me with getting everything else in working order.

So, check back later this week.  Next week at the latest.

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