Resharper 4.0

Last year I tried the Resharper 3 plugin for Visual Studio, and posted my thoughts on it:

It was OK, but not all that special. It had potential, but wasn’t quite “there” yet.

I just finished trying out Resharper 4.0 and you could paste the Resharper 3.0 review in its place. It’s neat, but not so neat that it’s a ‘must have’ utility. The features added in the latest version really aren’t anything I find useful — I don’t refactor Visual Basic, don’t use LINQ, etc.

It does, however, appear to run a little faster than version 3.  That might just be the system I’m using it with, but the slowness is no longer an annoyance.

I’ll keep my eye on it. Maybe they’ll add something I can’t live without in a later version.

1 thought on “Resharper 4.0

  1. Glaman

    I would have to agree with you on your review of the resharper. A guy I work with swears by it, but when I installed it, I could not stand the slowness of everything that it caused. This was on a fairly huge project (I think it had a web project and 5 other projects associated with it). When you load the project, you should just go get some coffee, read the daily paper, etc. before the project is fully loaded; and compiling…good god, just go have breakfast. The things it does are cool, but the slowdown in the development time is not worth it.

    Hope all is going well with the development on the mud.


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