ReSharper 4.5: It’s Finally Awesome

The two of you who have been following this blog regularly probably know that I’ve tried demos of JetBrains ReSharper versions 3 and 4 in the past.  The verdict was that they were pretty neat, but far too slow to be of any practical use.

Today I downloaded the trial version of ReSharper 4.5.  The big improvement they claim to have made is a significant speed increase.  After trying it out, I believe it.  They claim speed increases of about 25-40% depending on the type of project you’re working on, but that’s an understatement.  I’m using the same hardware I used for the previous test a year ago (yeah I need an upgrade, but that’s not something I care to address right now).   I haven’t used stopwatch tests, but it feels like ReSharper 4.5 is easily two to three times faster than ReSharper 4.0.

It’s now totally worth using — it has all of the benefits without any of the drawbacks the previous versions had.  Good work, JetBrains.