Signing Up for Uber Eats in Another Country

Just want to mention my UX ordeal here – I basically had to hack my way through an app to order food.

I’m soggy and rained on (torrential pour today) and don’t want to leave the Airbnb, so I decided to sign up for Uber Eats, which I’ve never used before, and have food delivered. I’m in Mexico City but I live in Portland, Oregon.

I signed up using the web app because I wanna look at food pics on a big screen. I used my Google Voice number because I could validate it via text-to-email (I don’t get reliable phone service here on my network – Ting). Filled the cart with a huge order, entered my credit card, and when I clicked “place order” I got an alert that my phone number is not valid for ordering and I have to edit my account and add a valid phone number. The web app doesn’t let you edit your phone number. So I installed the mobile app and signed in. THAT let me edit my phone number and luck of all luck the validation text went through. I went back to the web app on my PC. Logged out and back in and my phone number showed up. Order was still in my cart. THEN I was able to order some food.

And now I’m getting Uber’s marketing emails in Spanish.

So yeah, sign up for your apps BEFORE you leave the country.