SourceMonitor Update

Ahh, the joy of code metrics.

Files: 132
Lines: 113,584
Statements: 58,853
% Branches: 29.2
% Comments: 8.8
Class Definitions: 52
Methods/Class: 6.86
Average Statements/Method: 14.7
Max Complexity: 477
Max Depth: 8
Average Depth: 1.86
Average Complexity: 11.47

For the first time, the number of lines of code has gone down.  This is because MobProgs were removed.  We also lost about another 400 or so lines because the change to saving objects using XML allowed us to eliminate some duplicate code (repeat after me kids: Duplicate code is BAAAD!)   The average complexity also seems to be gradually decreasing a little.  In general that’s a good thing, since maintainability of code is generally thought to be the inverse of its complexity.