SpaceTheremin and MIDIPlayer Available for macOS Again

Over the years I’ve struggled mightily with OSX development. It’s just hard if you want to do things your way. It’s far easier if you use Apple’s choice of tools and languages.

Since most of what I’ve worked on for Apple computers has been apps ported from Windows or Linux, there really hasn’t been the option of starting with their way of doing things in mind at the beginning.

Last time I was working on building things for the App Store, I had eight apps I was trying to publish. I only ended up getting two released before I gave up in frustration. Those two were SpaceTheremin and MIDIPlayer.

Well, given my lack of enthusiasm, it’s no surprise that I let my developer subscription lapse. A lot of people wonder what happens when you let your subscription expire but then renew it later (around two years later in my case). Well, your apps disappear from the app store but stay installed wherever people already have them. And when you renew, they magically reappear like they never disappeared without needing to be reviewed again, and any apps in progress will be exactly as you left them.

That’s the case with SpaceTheremin and MIDIPlayer, which are now both available for macOS again.

Here’s SpaceTheremin.

Here’s MIDIPlayer.

I also have some things that have made it farther than before that you should expect to be released in the near future.