Starting on a Spell Editor

Since spells are stored in files and not directly in the code, it’ll be a whole lot easier to edit them with an editor than editing data files by hand.  Today I started building an editor.  It’s probably about 1/3 done so far.  Here’s a look-see:

Spell Editor Screenshot

2 thoughts on “Starting on a Spell Editor

  1. Lykria

    is this sort of thing going to allow a better use of mob and weapon procs? I always liked the idea of creating new spells/effects for procs, but was always told it was a huge amount of coding to keep adding new stuff when writting zones…

  2. Xangis Post author

    I hadn’t really thought about that part much, but it will make it very easy to add custom spell effects. In the previous Basternae, adding a spell meant you had to edit about six different code files, even if all you were doing was copying fireball and changing the messages a little. Now all you need to do is add a new spell file and reboot. If a class is supposed to get it, you put a spell entry in the class file that essentially says “get greenfireball at circle 8”.

    Doing things like adding damage spells with custom messages will be incredibly easy. Detailed conditional stuff with custom code — well, that’ll still take some effort.

    One problem that isn’t solved yet is how to add procs, spells, and and specials to things from within the editor. Once I get that handled the zone creation possibilities will be pretty darn good.

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