Studying For 70-505

Now that I’ve passed the base .NET exam (70-536), I’m working on the Windows Forms development certification exam.  Passing that will get me the “MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Forms Applications” cert.  I’m pretty confident that I’ll pass it on the first try.  Here’s why:

1. I’ve written a lot of WinForms programs (including 3 for the Basternae project — the help editor, ANSI screen editor, and the zone editor).

2. The exam recommends one year of experience with the topic rather than the two that 70-536 wanted.

3. The book is better-written than the 70-536 book, is more accurate, and is about 300 pages shorter.  It’s less klunky as a learning tool.

I’ve finished the reading portion of the book already, so all I need to do now is spend some time practicing the parts I don’t know all that well.  Look for an exam results report in about a week or so.