Tiu Has Killed The Dragon

Brave Tiu was one of the first adventurers to sally forth on the quest to kill the dragon in Dragon Wilds.

A whole village worth of corpses and some bugfixes later, the dragon lies dead at his feet.  Congratulations, Tiu, on being the first one to win the game.

3 thoughts on “Tiu Has Killed The Dragon

  1. Tiu

    Its funny, this silly little game combined with how ive grown tired of DOTA and how I’d already grown tired of Duris a few months ago led me to download DOSbox and 1985’s Bards Tale which is the first crpg I remember ever playing. This has in turn led me to reminiscing about might and magic and wasteland and other games. Which has in turn led me to a blog by a guy whos playing ever crpg ever made (that he can play on DOSbox…not sure what happens with the games after MSDOS), which has inspired me to follow along with him and do the same. Felt like I should post that here, heh.

    1. Xangis Post author

      Try the Wizardry series if you haven’t already, especially the 5th one. I played Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom 1989-1990 and it was the most challenging RPG I had ever played up to that time.

  2. Tiu

    Never played em, heard of em, theyre in there! Currently playing rogue which isnt technically a CRPG, it spawned its own genre (rogue-likes) of which I’d never heard, but man is it fun and addictive.

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