Too Many Levels

I’ve played on a handful of MUDs, and just about every one of them has regular player levels from 1 to 50, especially those from the family tree of Basternae. I’ve always thought that was just too many. Although the levels from 1 to 20 have usually been pretty quick and kind of fun, especially if you’re learning to play a new class, it soon starts to become a grind. Levels 30 to 40 always have been especially grind-y and really not very much fun.

The “exp grind” is a part of experience-level-based games. That’s not going to change anytime soon.

However, I’m finally getting rid of some of those extra levels. The level cap for Basternae 3 will be 40. All of the skills, spells, abilities, etc. have been compressed, so you’ll get new skills and spells every 4 levels instead of 5.

I’m not lowering mob levels, at least not yet, so some things will be a lot more challenging and downright dangerous. Mobs may need to be adjusted, and they might be fine how they are, but the trick with getting things balanced out is to make your major changes first so that the minor adjustments can be made around them as things settle into place.

Even with the decrease in number of levels, I’ve made experience level progress a lot steeper. Expect to need slightly more experience to get to level 40 than you needed to get to 50. The goal here is not to be able to get a character to level 40 in a day, or even under a week.

It’s generally been thought that there really isn’t much to the game until you hit level 50 (or 46, depending on your outlook). That’s one of the things I’m trying to change here.