Version 0.49 Editor Update

I started using the editor to build a hometown for the Grey Elves.  This will be the first zone I’ve tried to build from scratch using the new editor.  This update is mainly map view improvements and a few important fixes to mob editing.

Map View

* Rooms on map view now show terrain type as a highlight color.
* Added multi-level zone rendering to map view.  It mostly works but may have a few kinks to work out.  Discontinuous zones still look terrible, but not as bad as they did.
* When closing a zone, the map view clears itself now.
* Map view now updates as exits are changed in room edit screens.
* Map view window now expands and editor controls reposition themselves when dialog is resized.

Walkthrough Mode

* When the “edit room” command is used in walkthrough mode without a room number it brings up the current room in the edit window.
* Added ability to “createedit room <direction>” in walkthrough mode.  It automatically links the exits of the current and new rooms.

Mob Editing

* Added keywords to mob edit screen.  Pretty dumb to have left that one off in the first place.
* Some extended mage classes (chronomancer, enchanter, and necromancer) showed up in the class list as sorcerer.  That’s been fixed.

Here’s a screenshot of the new map view for the Thri-Kreen hometown:

Basternae Editor v0.49 Screenshot

Here’s a link to the download.

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