WbSrch Search Engine Releases New Data Offerings

Reprint of a press release originally published on https://www.prweb.com/releases/wbsrch_search_engine_releases_new_data_offerings/prweb17779070.htm.

The WbSrch search engine has released new data offerings.

Two new domain lists are available for purchase. The first is a list of all of the internet domains with pages in the WbSrch search engine index.

The second is a list of all adult-content domains that have been excluded from the search engine.

In addition to these, WbSrch also sells a list of the top 1 million most-linked-to domains based on its link index.

This data will be a useful tool for data scientists, SEO specialists, and for entrepreneurs who want to build domain-information-based product offerings. Founder Jason Champion had this to say about the project launch:

“When I started this search engine, there was a terrible shortage of good data sources for getting started with organizing the web. With this release we hope to make it easier to start web-data-driven projects.”

These new files are available in the WbSrch data shop at https://wbsrch.onfastspring.com/ priced at $39.99 and $4.99, respectively.