What Was stampscoinsnotes.com?

StampsCoinsNotes.com was a visual catalog of postage stamps, bank notes, and coins from around the world.

It started as i-collect-it.com back in 2009 when I started scanning stamps from my personal collection. In 2013 I renamed it to stampscoinsnotes.com to get rid of the hyphens and have a more accurate name.

Over the years I added more than 13000 images, with more than 9000 stamps, 2400 coins, and 1200 bank notes.

Honduras 20 Lempira Bank Note from 2014

A 20 lempira bank note from Honduras in 2014.

Here’s a screenshot from archive.org.

It was an interesting project (for me) with viewership that peaked around 2015 and gradually declined, regardless of how many items were added, until it wasn’t worth the effort of maintaining anymore. I shut the site down yesterday.

Now that you’re here, feel free to explore the blog a bit. I have a bunch of websites and music projects I’ve created, and you might find some of them interesting (under the “My Stuff” section of the sidebar).