WPF Is A Dealbreaker

I spent some time working on the client, only to find that the Windows Presentation Foundation doesn’t support right-click events.  That’s a deal-breaker because I need right-click support.  How could a GUI toolkit not support something so basic?

So, the wxWidgets-based client is being resurrected.  That’s good, because it was further along.  The big problem was that I couldn’t easily support scrollback with the SDL integration.  Well, since then I’ve figured out how I’d make that work.

In case you’ve forgotten or are not aware, THIS was how far along the wxWidgets-based Basternae client was last time we looked at it.


  • Simeon says:

    To what level do you mean does not support right-click event, as the WPF app I’m working has right click (context) menus, so I’m puzzled what you are wanting from you right click?

  • Xangis says:

    I need to be able to handle a right click as a separate command event, not as a context menu.

  • Of course, right clicks are handled in WPF, as routed events.

    About commands : Commands are highly dependent from controls in WPF. If you want a Button to raise a ICommand when right-clicked, you cannot just use the default control. However, there is a very simple way to extend the mechanism to raise a command on any condition : Using the Interactivity toolset of Blend 3 ( the one defining behaviors & so on), define a “RaiseCommand” TriggerAction. Then you could trigger it on Right click event, or any other condition.

  • Xangis says:

    OK, I was basing the nonexistence on this MSFT fella saying WPF doesn’t have them and never will:


    I suppose that’s pretty out of date by now, though.

    Thank you for the tip.

  • Simeon says:

    WPF/E is now called Silverlight, and is a cut down version of WPF. Is your application a WPF fat client, or a RIA style web-application?

    • Xangis says:

      Oh, it’s an extremely fat client. There may be a stripped-down Silverlight version at some point, but that won’t be in the near future.