Zones From Dubar

We’ve kind of hit the jackpot here. Dubar, one of the most prolific zone writers in the history of MUDdom, gave permission to use his zones. Here’s what I’ve converted:

Air Plane Load Grid
The Buffalo Tribe (Barbarian HT)
The Granite Spire
Autumnglen (Centaur HT)
The Fields of Elysian
The Goblin Camp
Gagga’Jobo Caves
Malch’hor Ganl (Goblin HT)
The Market of In’Goboda
The Outer Goblin Outpost
The Stables of Malch’hor Ganl
The Tunnels of Goober
Ice Tunnel Shaft
The Mik’Mak Caverns
The Forest of Neeble
Kragthor (Ogre HT)
The Mountains of Tentro

That’s a mighty fine haul, and they all converted without any issues. Now we need to figure out where to connect them. Thanks Dubar. 🙂