Month: March 2008

Rankings Active on FindMUD

I did a little bit of work on today. I added a page that shows the top-ranked MUDs (as rated by users) on the site. Since the site is still fairly new there haven’t been very many ratings yet, so feel free to go on over and rate the MUDs you’ve played.

Not Winamp’s Fault

So, the upgrade to Vista didn’t turn out to be 100% successful. It turns out that the Winamp crashing I experienced was caused by Vista’s epic failure in the audio realm.  Since they changed the way audio drivers run (user mode instead of kernel mode now), no driver from an earlier version of Windows will

Tweaking The Zone Converter

In working on the new zone editor I noticed that a few things seemed a little off in some of the test zones I was working with.  As much as I would like to blame the editor, since it’s new and untested, it turns out that the zone converter had an issue with race conversion

A Price On Your Head

One thing I’m surprised never made it into Basternae — bounties.  It’s only natural that you would be able to set a price on someone’s head in a PvP MUD. So I implemented about 60% of a bounty system today.   There are still a few details to work out, but the core of the system

Upgrading to Vista Ultimate

I hate updating software.  Many years of painful upgrade experiences have taught me not to upgrade a piece of software unless it’s horribly broken or lacks the ability to get anything done. That’s why I was dreadfully, terribly afraid of upgrading from Windows XP to Vista on my home desktop.  Sure I’ve been running Vista

Taking The Visual Studio 2008 Plunge

Since VS2008 somewhat rudely decided that it would become the default application for all projects, including projects that were VS2005 projects (what exactly *is* the Visual Studio Version Selector good for, anyway?), I decided to try building Basternae with 2008. It was actually a pretty painless process. Something changes in every version of a compiler

Free Copy of Vista Ultimate and Visual Studio 2008

Today was the Microsoft “launch event” for Visual Studio and Server 2008. I attended the local presentation and walked away with a free copy of Vista Ultimate and Visual Studio 2008. It was free to attend and I got $600 worth of software out of the deal. How can you beat that? Sure the presentations

Current Line Counts

Lately it’s just been a bit more work on the editor (which is now at version 0.25). Here’s an updated line count: Main Codebase: 99,360 lines total 77,693 lines of code (78%) 8,417 lines of comments (8%) 1,258 mixed (code + comment) lines (1%) 11,987 blank lines (12%) Editor: 9,597 lines total 7,491 lines of

Memory Usage

When booting up the MUD engine with only my two zones (the Thri-Kreen hometown and the Kobold Village), Basternae 3 takes up 22,256 kilobytes of RAM. That somehow manages to drop to 20,096 kilobytes of RAM when I connect with a single player.  I think it was probably just timed to coincide with a garbage

200 Listings on FindMUD

Over the past few weeks I’ve steadily been adding more MUD listings to FindMUD.  It has now has over 200 MUD listings.  That’s not super-impressive, but it does have more than MudBytes and Betterbox and is quickly gaining on some of the older sites (many of which are rather neglected these days).

Zone Reset Modes

In  the old days of Basternae 2, there were really only two area reset (repopulation) modes — either an area would repop at a fixed interval, or the area wouldn’t reset until all players had left. In the process of rewriting the way areas reset themselves for the new game engine, I’ve added a few

Real Progress on the Editor

Now that I’ve started trying to use the zone editor I’m finding all sorts of things to fix and/or improve.  I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I can get a small zone put together using it, but it’s getting quite close to usable.  Far from pretty, but usable.

HTML Help Workshop = Epic Fail.

Anyone who has wondered why the help systems in Windows applications are typically so abysmal has to look no further than Microsoft’s HTML Help Workshop. Not only is rotting tripe more pleasant to deal with, it’s more likely to help you get the job done. You’d think that maybe an application designed for editing help

Better String Visualization in VS2005

The text visualizer in Visual Studio 2005 isn’t very good. When you’re looking at a string in the debugger, you won’t see what you’re looking for if there are any null characters in the string. As far as I can tell this is a holdover from the bad old days when null-terminated C strings were

A Help Entry Editor

Editing help file entries has always been a pain, mainly because it’s always been a huge unorganized text file that has to be edited by hand. I spent about an hour and a half building a simple help file editing application today. It will load/save help files, allow searching and browsing of entries, and of

Improving The Zone Editor

Over the past couple days I’ve done quite a bit of work on the mob and object editing screens in the editor.  I also found and fixed a few problems with the area converter. The hard part of building the zone editor is going to be adding the map-based and walkthrough visualization modes.  They aren’t