Month: July 2009

I Can’t Run Windows

I have two computers at home — a cheapie $400 Gateway T-8635u laptop I bought on sale at Newegg a couple months ago and a homebuilt desktop based on a Gigabyte P43-ES3G motherboard, E8200 CPU, 4GB of RAM, Nvidia 7600GT and FX5500 GTS video cards, 2 Envy24-based sound cards, two Samsung DVD-RW drives, and 320,

Ready For Some Preliminary Testing Soon

Some time in the next few days I hope to put up the Basternae 3 codebase in its current state temporarily in the hope that a few folks will be willing to help with some testing. This isn’t a “beta” or anything like that.  It’s more of a “proof of concept” — to find out

A Little Overwhelmed Right Now

Progress will have to halt for a bit — started the new job and there’s a bunch of things I don’t know as well as I’d like to, so it’s reading tech books that’ll take up the spare time for the next few weeks.


I just finished reading Masquerades by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb, tenth book in The Harpers series.  I skipped over the ninth book, Crown of Fire, because I ordered it from Paperbackswap and it hadn’t arrived by the time I wanted to pick up another book. I have mixed feelings on the book.  Most of

More Fixes To File Loading

A week ago I wrote about Mono not being happy with XmlElementAttribute.  I had cleaned up loading/saving for players and zone files, but skill and spell data needed some work.  I took care of that today, so all of the xml serialization is happy now. I’ve hired the wife as a QA tester to do

Goodbye, Pizdook

One of the things that I do for the FindMUD mud listings is check connections once in a while (approximately monthly) to see if a MUD server is running and then display a log of connection attempts on that MUD’s listing page. When I was on shared hosting, that was a process that was far

Resource Usage For Basternae 3

Here’s the resource usage for Basternae running on Mono on Ubuntu with 1 active user and 6 zones loaded: USER       PID %CPU %MEM    VSZ   RSS TTY      STAT START   TIME COMMAND root     24624  0.2  6.9  39284 25548 pts/0    SNl  21:40   0:08 mono Basternae.exe I have to imagine with a full complement of zones and a few