Month: August 2009

Another Editor Update

Two zone editor updates in 24 hours — I’m on a roll here. Here’s what’s changed in version 0.42: — Select list dropdown now updates its text on navigate (< and >) for all object types. — Fixed a save-on-navigate issue that caused some information loss. — Set edit windows to have controls disabled when

An Update To The Editor

I admit it.  The last release of the zone editor (0.40) was pretty much unusable.  This one (0.41) should be quite a bit better. Things fixed/improved in this version: — Will now rebuild item select drop down list on create new items for all types. — Resets, shops, and quests now save current item on

I Must Be Cursed

It’s bad enough that I can’t run Windows natively on either of my computers. Well, now the Vista virtual machine on my laptop is hosed up and bluescreens on boot up. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, but that VM has the most recent version of the Basternae codebase. If I can’t get it

Test Port Turned Off Now

The experiment is over for now. I more-or-less have the data I was looking for — what the most major issues are, where the crashes happen, what’s super-broken, and what needs a lot of work.  If you have any other results from your experimentation, feel free to send them to xangis at the yahoo email

Removing Hard-Coded Rooms, Objects, and Mobs

The old codebase had plenty of references to hard-coded room numbers. For instance, “Limbo” and the “default start room” for races without hometowns were set to room number 200. Well, having those etched permanently into code is a bad idea, since it ties you inextricably to certain specific area files, and more importantly, it forces

A Batch of Fixes

Between tester reports and the logs I’ve managed to track down and fix a handful of issues, some of which were so nasty as to make things untestable.  Here’s the list: 1 – Fix for removing an object from a room when that object points to a room but the room does not have the

InnoSetup Is Most Excellent

For a couple months back in 2003 I had a full-time job doing nothing but building InstallShield installers.  It was a pretty arduous process even for simple applications. I wanted to build an installer for the Basternae Editor, which is a very simple program in that it doesn’t need any registry entries, license keys, services,

Basternae 3 Test Port Currently Running

I have a test port of Basternae 3 running on port 4502.  This is only temporary for the purpose of testing. Here’s a list of things that need to be tested.  Feel free to spend as little as 1 minute testing, or as long as the server is up.  I only plan to have