Year: 2010

More Spells Working

I spent a while pushing spell code around today. The following spells have been made to work: Sorcerer * Strength * Dexterity Cleric * Bless * Armor * Vitality Shaman * Fire Ward * Cold Ward * Wolfspeed * Hawkvision * Pantherspeed * Bearstrength * Snailspeed * Molevision * Lionrage * Elephantstrength * Mousestrength *

Working on Psionicist Abilities

I spent a good part of the past week traveling from the midwest to the west coast and back (5 flights total). During airport layovers I took a look at some of Tiu’s psi reports. Since I hadn’t touched psionicist spells/abilities yet it was no surprise that most of them were pretty borked. I made

Another Crash Fix

Fixed a problem with object updates that would sometimes cause crashes when an object disintegrates.

Crash Fixes

* Fixed crash with monk class mobs and barehanded damage skill checks. * Fixed crash with mob tracking. Track mobs probably don’t work yet, but at least we won’t have crashes because of it. * Fix for spell learning when players advance levels. This may or may not have caused crashes (was a little unclear

Holy Mother of Awesome: DAoC Emulator

I can’t believe I never heard of this before now, but apparently there’s a Dark Age of Camelot server emulation project: Unsurprisingly, the most popular server is based on classic pre-Trials-of-Atlantis DAoC. Not that Bast3 needs more things to distract me from it, but I’ve been tinkering with it a bit, and may eventually

Some Fixes

Made a couple fixes for things mentioned by Tiu: * Enslaver races added to creation screens. * Printing move point values twice when they’re low has been fixed. * Will and sing command processing has been fixed. There’s still a shortage of connected zones with teacher mobs and a bunch of other things still unfixed…

Heading West

As you may or may not know, I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a nice enough place to live during the spring, summer, and fall months — the cost of living is pretty low, there’s plenty of economic activity, and lots of things to do for entertainment. Other than the fact that locals treat

Zone Format XML Schema

I used the Microsoft XSD.exe tool to generate an XML schema file from the zone classes. That probably means nothing to most readers of this blog, but here’s the .XSD for the Basternae 3 zone format: Basternae 3 Zone Format XSD No reason really, just in case someone might be an XML tinkerer and wants

Don’t Forget To Multiplay!

Nothing much to report today, but if you’re doing some testing feel to play as many characters as you like, including on different sides of the racewar. No better way to test grouping and fragging and all that related stuff than to stage a 6v6 PvP battle all made up of characters controlled by you.

More Zones Attached To The Map

These zones have been attached to the world map: L’ristrizzen (Drow Elf HT) Ixxillian (Enslaver HT) Malch’hor Ganl (Goblin HT) Autumnglen (Centaur HT) Plateau of the Temple Court of the Muse

Editor Version 0.54 Update

Using the editor has inspired a fresh new batch of improvements. Here they are: Mob Editing * New mobs now default to having memory. * Fixed a navigation bug with creating new mobs. * Fixed a problem that would prevent setting mob sex. * Added a clone button for ease of creating similar mobs. Room

The Rest of Shandril’s Saga

A little over half a year ago I posted some comments on Spellfire, book 1 of Shandril’s Saga. I finished the second and third books, Crown of Fire and Hand of Fire.  In retrospect, that was a bit of a mistake. The next two books had all of the flaws of the first book, while

Zones Converted and Connected

Nauraki was actually the first one to give zone permissions when the Basternae 3 project started, but the converter wasn’t working well enough to convert them way back then. These zones by Nauraki have been converted: The Plateau of the Temple Court of the Muse L’Ristrizzen (Drow Elf HT) Phiadnae Flats The Village of Shadowfall

More Fixes

* Fixed a crash bug with automatically combining piles of coins when a corpse containing them decays or when someone drops them. * Item auto-pricing has been enabled. * Fixed a bug that would cause forage to always fail. * Changed messages for a few commands. * Coins were not saving in player files. This

Connecting Rooms Made Easy

In Bast1 and Bast2, when a zone was added, one had to edit both zones, adding an exit to each room. When a zone was moved or connected in a different direction, the old exits had to be deleted and replaced with exits in the new direction. This wasn’t too bad, but I always found

Editor Version 0.53 Update

This editor update is mainly about making it easier to edit load commands and object values. Here are the changes: Reset Editing * Object, room, mob, equipment slot, door state, and direction selector buttons have been added to the reset editing screen to make it easier to choose values. Object Editing * Added select buttons

Client Version 0.17 – Attack of the Programmer Art

This update adds worldmap support. Here are some examples: Plains between the southeastern swamp and the blast crater. On the road in the western forest. Underground near the river crossing. East of the mountains where the desert runs north into tundra and then glacier. As a reference image, here’s the first map location in WinTin.Net

Tossing A Few Bugs In The Fire

I spent a while doing various fixes.  Here’s what it added up to: * The dice command has been fixed. * The visible command has been implemented. * Drag corpse has been fixed. * Fixed an issue where mobs would sometimes fail to ride mounts they’re supposed to be on according to the zone file.

Client Version 0.16 Update

I spent some time with window layout, changing where windows open so things aren’t stacked on top of each other.  Now they open in locations that make more sense when you run the app.  You can still move windows elsewhere or close them if you want. I also worked on the group window.  Now it

Testing With Multiple MUD Clients

Tiu mentioned in a comment the other day that text was all goofy and formatted wrong via telnet, so I did some investigation. Bad: Using telnet from a Linux box, everything looked screwy just like he said. Using telnet from a Windows box, everything looked screwy just like he said. Using Gnome-Mud, everything looked screwy