22 Hours Uptime

Mind you, only about 5 players have logged into the Magma 3.04 demo site, but it’s been up 22 hours so far.

I remember back when Magma was first being developed. An hour of uptime was considered a good thing.

Funny how things progress. I remember my first MUD in 1999, Illustrium Arcana, running on a Cyrix 6×86-PR200 on a 32MB machine co-located on a friend’s ISP (stax.net, apparently shut down around the end of 2006). Having T1 access was so amazing ten years ago. Now I’d be angry if my cable modem slowed down to 1.5 MBPS.

The original Cyrix machine ran at about 200 BogoMIPS, which was screaming fast. Right now I have what is effectively 1/10 of a Xeon 2.5 GHz processor. That gives me 500 BogoMIPS and 320 MB of RAM. That’s more than enough to run a MUD and a few websites.