Integrating Python?

One of the things I’ve been worrying over is how to write a new scripting and artificial intelligence engine that integrates all the buttery goodness and capabilities of MobProgs and the homebrew probability-based AI system I wrote for Basternae II along with the only-used-once movement scripts I put together. They were all pretty powerful, but the bad things are/were:

1. Too many pieces of code to maintain.
2. Required a programmer’s full attention — far too complex for a zone writer or newbie-level web scripter to use.
3. Always required a recompile if changes were made.
4. Always required a reboot to load new changes. This made it un-tweakable. Want a mob to cast fireball half as often? Change it and reboot the MUD.
5. Extremely zone-dependent. If we unload the plane of fire, we still have all of the plane of fire scripts active, including hard-coded mob names and numbers.

It definitely shouldn’t require a restart of the game just to make a troll kick someone in the head more often. This naturally leads me to Python and/or IronPython, since it’s my current obsession. I have some reading to do, but don’t be surprised if I come up with a scripting engine of pure awesomeness.