A Bunch of Little Fixes

I had a chance to tinker with the code today. I made a bunch of relatively minor fixes (code-wise). Here’s the list:

– Fixed game menu consistency so same one appears every time.
– Some minor text changes and/or typo fixes.
– Made the help editor a little easier to use and added a ‘delete entry’ button.
– Made the MUD screen editor a little easier to use.
– Fixed the immortal ‘slay’ command.
– Fixed the immortal ‘load object’ command.
– Fixed the ‘history’ and ‘!’ commands, the latter of which would instantly crash the MUD when used.
– Improved the issue system and added the ability for immortals to create issues.
– Some help entry additions and improvements.

There are two major bugs right now that will take some digging to fix properly: Items can’t be picked up, and spell/skill effects never seem to wear off.

Even though there’s still quite a lot of work to do before the codebase conversion could be considered ‘complete’, it’s becoming a bit more fun to work on.