Checking Process Status With PHP

I am not a PHP programmer. I do not know PHP. That doesn’t mean I can’t use it. Here’s a snippet I threw together to check whether the MUD process is running:

$cmd = "ps u -C 'mono Basternae.exe'";
exec($cmd, $output, $result);
if( count($output) >= 2 )
  Print $output[0];
  Print $output[1];
  print "Basternae 3 is not currently running.";

You can try it here:

2 thoughts on “Checking Process Status With PHP

  1. Lykria

    so, this is unrelated, but I was hoping you could update the zones page that you have, to see what you currently have access to and dont.. I’m currently in the process of writting up a few zones and would like to see what you need to flesh out some more of the world.

  2. Xangis Post author

    OK, it really does need an update. I haven’t really kept track of what we have as well as I should have, but what we need most is hometowns for pretty much everything except Kobolds and Thri-Kreen. It would be nice to have enough hometowns that most race/class combos get to have a choice of where they start.

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