A New Version of the Zone Editor (0.46)

I spent some time on the zone editor today. Here’s a list of changes and fixes:

  • Justice type is now selectable on the zone settings screen.
  • In walkthrough mode, the ‘help’ and ‘commands’ commands now show a list of the available commands.
  • Various minor text and appearance improvements, including adding a program icon.
  • Added the ability to edit object values so you can actually set things like weapon damage amount or armor factor.
  • Fixed a nasty bug in editing repops that would cause data corruption.
  • Added the old Basternae 2 zone guides to the help file.
  • Fixed a very nasty circular reference bug that would prevent a zone from saving in certain cases.

Repop editing is still pretty cryptic, but at least changes show up in the repop’s description in real time now.

The really confusing thing at the moment is editing object values. In DikuEdit, the values would change description when the object type changed so you could see what you were editing. The new editor does not do that yet, so you either have to already know what you’re doing or you have to guess, neither one of which could be much fun, so that’s going to be something fairly high up on the to-do list for future changes.

You can get the new version HERE.