An ANSI Screen Editor

One of the things that was always a pain in the butt was creating and editing the ANSI color screens for the MUD intro, race and class selection screens, and the menu. With our new screen format it was actually pretty easy to build an editor specifically for Basternae screens. I spent a few hours today and here’s what I came up with:

MUD Screen Editor screenshot

(click for full image)

It’s nothing spectacular, but it does make the task of editing MUD screens a little easier. Since applications like TheDraw and ACIDDraw have been just about completely lost to the sands of time (and they were DOS apps anyway — yuk!), it’s hard to find an ANSI screen editor that will run in Windows these days (this runs on Vista and XP).

With the built-in “import” and “export” options it can actually be used to edit any ANSI screen. It only does foreground text colors, but it should do for now. I expect I’ll release it as freeware soonish since other MUD admins might find it useful even though the file format is specific to Basternae.

UPDATE: Yep, released it here: