A Day Of Bugfixes

I spent today working through a handful of bugs in the new communication code in the MUD engine and fixing a few problems in the Basternae version 2-to-3 zone converter.  Some of the text formatting still needs some work, but things are a *LOT* better now than they were before, especially with the network portions running smoothly and reliably now.

Now would probably be a fine time for a line count on the project:

Main Codebase:
98,868 lines total
77,254 lines of code (78%)
8,375 lines of comments (8%)
1,261 mixed (code + comment) lines (1%)
11,978 blank lines (12%)

8,191 lines total
6,350 lines of code (77%)
1,446 lines of comments (17%)
8 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
387 blank lines (4%)

MUD Screen Editor:
1,137 Lines Total
876 Lines of code (77%)
185 lines of comments (16%)
0 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
76 blank lines (6%)

Since we last checked in, the editor has just shy of doubled its lines of code while the core codebase has shrunk a little thanks to a bit of recent code cleanup.