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The Magma Codebase Is Worth Millions!

I love how Ohloh estimates the value of open source projects. For instance, here’s their take on the Magma MUD codebase: I believe Envy is just over 100k lines of code. At the average developer salary of $91,000/year, about $1 million in “value” was created by the Basternae II rebuild team. Value that, due to

Magma MUD Codebase Now on Github

The Magma MUD codebase, last updated in 2008, is now on Github: I’ve cleaned up the build a little bit, but it’s still the same old Magma that was used to start Basternae 2, warts and all. If you feel like cleaning up any bugs (there are plenty) or adding any improvements, go ahead. 

Magma MUD Codebase: Generally Quite Stable

The Magma MUD test site has been running for over a month now without any administrative intervention.  I have it set to automatically reboot the MUD after it’s been up a week.  That has happened 4 times now.  The fifth reboot was due to a segmentation fault (null reference exception) on June 10.  This means

22 Hours Uptime

Mind you, only about 5 players have logged into the Magma 3.04 demo site, but it’s been up 22 hours so far. I remember back when Magma was first being developed. An hour of uptime was considered a good thing. Funny how things progress. I remember my first MUD in 1999, Illustrium Arcana, running on

Magma Codebase Online

It isn’t Basternae, but I have the freely-downloadable Magma 3.04 codebase running on the new Linode server. You can connect at port 4001. It’s all stock zones, but at least there’s a demo site running. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be online all the time, but it’s up now. With nobody online, it uses

The MUD Family Tree

Check it out, the Magma codebase made it onto the DikuMUD family tree without me putting it there:

Magma MUD 3.04 Released!

I’ve made a minor update to the Magma codebase.  Here’s what’s changed: 1. Added support for loading 4 of the 5 remaining Envy 2.2 zones that wouldn’t load. 2. Bundled the MakeZonesFast32 and DikuEdit 3.10 zone editors in the MUD package. 3. Added DOS conversion utilities for assembling DikuEdit zones (makezone.bat). MagmaMUD 3.04 is available

Magma MUD Codebase 3.03 Released

Over the past month I’ve been playing around with the Magma 3.02 code a bit more. I found a few crash-bugs and fixed them, mostly caused by references to rooms and objects from Basternae 2 that no longer exist. The big change is that 58 of the 63 original Envy 2.2 zones will load in

Magma MUD Codebase 3.02 Released

During a trip this Thanksgiving I updated the Magma codebase a little. All I really did was fix a few compile errors that have come up in the past seven years due to changes with the C language and compilers — it’s otherwise the same code. There’s a solution file that builds in Visual Studio

The Road To C++

I’ve gradually been changing more pieces of code from C to C++. As each piece goes from being a random function dangling somewhere to a piece of a coherent class the code begins to make a little more sense. So many bits and pieces are going to benefit from being private data members. In a lot

And It Begins

I’ve been working with the old Magma 3.0 codebase for almost a week now. Things I’ve done so far: Removed all of the old outdated OS-specific code (Sequent, Apollo, Amiga). Removed all instances of sprintf (a very dangerous function prone to buffer overflows). These have been replaced with snprintf, which is safer. Over 1000 functions