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Building The Client On Linux

It’s been 3 years since I’ve tried to build the client on Linux. I started building the client long before there ever was a Basternae 3 project, and since then plenty of files have been added and removed — for instance, we no longer use Xerces-C or SDL in the project.  I was using Ubuntu

First Release of the Basternae 3 Client (v0.11)

You should be able to tell from the version number that it’s far from done yet. I spent some time working on the status window, and it now appears to work more-or-less as intended: There are a handful of issues I know about, and probably a good solid handful that I don’t know about, so

Some Solid Client Progress

Over the past two days I’ve made some good progress on the client.  It’s now working with colored text and functioning scrollback.  There was a bit of difficulty in figuring out how to post text from the network thread to the main window, but that’s been solved thanks to the helpful folks at the wxWidgets

wxWidgets Client Resurrected

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, not being able to support scrollback with the client was a problem in the wxWidgets-based version. This is because it used the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for the text rendering, and that just has a 2-D panel that text can be rendered to. Adding scrollback to that kind

New Release: Zeta Telnet Version 3

One of the first things I wrote when I was learning C# was a basic telnet client. It’s not like the world needed another telnet client, but it was a fun, easy project to learn the .NET socket libraries. In the process of working on bug reports for Basternae 3, I found something annoying: Windows

Basternae 3 Test Port Currently Running

I have a test port of Basternae 3 running on port 4502.  This is only temporary for the purpose of testing. Here’s a list of things that need to be tested.  Feel free to spend as little as 1 minute testing, or as long as the server is up.  I only plan to have

The New Client In Action

In working on the new WPF-based client, I’ve redone the way I handle ANSI character code processing. Instead of a horrible multi-hundred-line nested if-statement-monster, I’ve created something based on regular expressions that is about 25 lines or so of code. It’s not absolutely perfect, but it’s already better than what we had with the wxWidgets

The New Client So Far

It’s just screenshots of windows without anything in them — no fancy colors, images, or any bells and whistles yet.  This is just to show that it really exists:

C++ Is a Pain in the Arse (New Client)

Yesterday I opened up the source code for the Basternae Client in order to make a few changes, fixes, and updates.  What I had forgotten in the two years since I had been programming C++ actively is what a pain in the behind it is to get anything done in C++. Sure, you can do

Back From Vacation

OK, so maybe I didn’t announce the vacation in the first place, but I took some time off from working on Bast to enjoy the summer. I’ve been working on the client a bit, and I had almost forgotten how much I dislike C++.  It’s just so messy and inefficient to work with.  You have

Client Progress

Most of the development for the past few days has been on the client application. Here’s a screenshot giving an idea of what it looks like so far. It’s quite a bit different from what it looked like a few months ago: Click on the image for a larger version. It obviously needs more work,

A Custom Client

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it here yet, but around 2005-2007 wrote a custom MUD client using wxWidgets and SDL. It runs fairly well on Windows and tolerably on Linux (there are one or two glitches). I designed it to work with Duris and its prompt system. It shows maps for a zone if they’re