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Client Version 0.24 Released

I’ve released version 0.24 of the Basternae Client.  Use the download link on the right side of the blog or on the front page to get it. This release mainly has cosmetic changes: Changed the font for most things from Segoe UI to Verdana.  It just looks better. Added “show group” and “show equipment”

New Client Artwork From John Baker

John Baker, a friend of mine for a long while, did some work creating graphics tiles for me. It was intended for use in two old-style RPG projects I’m gradually working on. I’m sure you’ll hear about them later as they develop. Neat thing is, they were designed with both those projects and the Basternae

You Can Now MUD on webOS (TouchPad)

Much of my not-at-work development time has been spent on webOS lately.  The TouchPad and webOS version 3.x are great fun to work with and the only mobile devices that have APIs that don’t suck to develop for (I’ve worked with Android, iOS, and Win7 and none of them are fun from a C++ developer’s

Client Update: Now With Alias Support

I’ve pushed another update to the Basternae client today, version 0.23.  Download is available on the sidebar, as always. Here’s what’s changed: Alias support has been added.  Usage is #alias <keyword> <text that replaces the keyword>.  Aliases are saved when you click File -> Save Settings and loaded at startup. Rendering of surface map sections

Client Improvements

Basternae Client version 0.22 is available now, with the following improvements: All map tiles supported now. Anything before version 0.22 will look stupid on the overland map. Better starting window positions — they don’t pile on top of each other now. Hotkeys can be saved with File -> Save Settings. You can control whether the

Basternae Client 0.21

The first download, version 0.21 of the new WPF-based Basternae Client is now available for Windows. Check the right sidebar for a download link. I can post a version that will run via Mono on Linux or MacOS if anyone wants it. It’s still needs a lot of work, but at least it exits properly

First Very Broken Version of the WPF-Based Client

Here’s a screenshot of the Basternae Client, version 0.20: There are some things missing and in a few ways it’s a step back from the previous C++-based client (version 0.18 — 0.19 was never released).  However, it does work with the new map graphics.  Roads still need a little work, but that’s a server-side change.

Back to WPF

A while back I made a start on building the client using WPF, the Windows Presentation Foundation. It only made sense to give it a shot since the whole MUD is based on C# and .NET. That effort stalled due to a roadblock or two, probably because I didn’t know about routed events and partly

Client Work

John Baker has delivered a new set of artwork for the client and I’ve spent some time working on integrating it into the code. What I’ve discovered is that the client code is rather brittle and prone to explode.  It will need some significant work before a new version is ready to release.  Testing with

New Client Graphics Coming

I’ve hired John N. Baker to design the map tiles for the Basternae client. We should have some new graphics for it early in 2011.

Some Text Fixes

I made a couple minor text fixes, the most noticeable of which was a map rendering glitch that would cause mobs to show up as P’s and the map to be strangely distorted in the client. I also released a minor update to the client (now version 0.18), with a map fix and a couple

Client Version 0.17 – Attack of the Programmer Art

This update adds worldmap support. Here are some examples: Plains between the southeastern swamp and the blast crater. On the road in the western forest. Underground near the river crossing. East of the mountains where the desert runs north into tundra and then glacier. As a reference image, here’s the first map location in WinTin.Net

Client Version 0.16 Update

I spent some time with window layout, changing where windows open so things aren’t stacked on top of each other.  Now they open in locations that make more sense when you run the app.  You can still move windows elsewhere or close them if you want. I also worked on the group window.  Now it

Testing With Multiple MUD Clients

Tiu mentioned in a comment the other day that text was all goofy and formatted wrong via telnet, so I did some investigation. Bad: Using telnet from a Linux box, everything looked screwy just like he said. Using telnet from a Windows box, everything looked screwy just like he said. Using Gnome-Mud, everything looked screwy

Version 0.15 Client Update

I’ve spent some time on the client. Here are the changes for version 0.15: * Fixed a bug with alias saving and loading. * Added hotkey saving and loading to alias save/load. * Improved room/map window, adding zone name, exits, and better word wrap for room description. It doesn’t show color yet, though. * Added

A Linux Build of the Client

I have no clue how to build a .deb or .rpm package yet, so it’s just a .zip for now. Though I have it working on my own Ubuntu 9 machine, I haven’t the faintest idea whether the client will run on other Linux boxen. At the very least, you’ll probably need to have the

Initial Mac Version of the Client

I fixed the “can’t send text” problem in the client for the Mac and Linux versions.  There are still some text problems that only show up in non-Windows versions, but I was able to log in and play for a bit without much trouble. Though I have it working on my own machine, I haven’t

Another Client Update

I tracked down a nasty threading problem in the status window that would explode things horribly at random intervals. Version 0.14 of the client is now available.  That’s not to say there isn’t the possibility of other horrible explosions lying around just waiting to leap out… so let me know if you find any.

A Minor Client Update

Version 0.13 of the client is now available.  Cleaned up one or two things with text processing and added command scrollback (where you can push the up arrow to retrieve previous commands).  As always, let me know of any glitches you find.

Small Client Update

I’ve made a couple minor updates to the client.  First, the status window wasn’t clearing the tank and enemy condition bars when there was no tank or enemy combatant.  That’s fixed. Next, I’ve added what appears to be working support for aliases.  They’re created accessed using the “#alias” command (#al for short).  They cannot yet