Chitika Didn’t Work For Me. Luckily They Died.

Chitika was one of the remaining few advertisers in my WbSrch advertising experiment.

A few days ago I received an email saying that they were shutting down, effective immediately.

Since they had a fill rate that never got higher than about 10-15%, that’s hardly a problem. I was going to remove them from my site when I had a free moment anyhow.

From January 7-April 10, a span of 94 days, I had 1,318 filled impressions and $0.000 revenue. On the best day ever, the CPM was $0.0007, or seven hundredths of a cent per thousand impressions. In any case, that was not enough to add up to a penny.

Bidvertiser is still in the rotation and they’re doing about how I’d expect. I will probably report more later.