Client Update: Now With Alias Support

I’ve pushed another update to the Basternae client today, version 0.23.  Download is available on the sidebar, as always.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Alias support has been added.  Usage is #alias <keyword> <text that replaces the keyword>.  Aliases are saved when you click File -> Save Settings and loaded at startup.
  • Rendering of surface map sections with T-facing-right road pieces is fixed.
  • Fixed a glitch with closing and then reopening the status, group, equipment, hotkey, and map windows.
  • Improved the initial opening position of the equipment and group windows.

Give the client a try and let me know if and how aliases need to be improved (as in, what you typically do in WinTin or ZMud that doesn’t work here yet).  I used to use aliases, but I never did anything all that complex.  Typical aliases I used were “gc” = “get all corpse”, “ik” = “cast ‘ariek’ thri-kreen”, and the like.

Also note that the client doesn’t nag you about updates.  If you want an update you have to come here looking for it.

2 thoughts on “Client Update: Now With Alias Support

  1. Tiu

    You should include variables. For example your “ik” = “cast ‘ariek’ thri-kreen” I would have as:

    “it” = “cast ‘ariek’ @target”
    “tk” = “target = thri-kreen”
    “ik” = “tk;it”

    “bt” = “bash @target”
    “bk” = “tk;bk”

    etc etc…

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