Stop Bothering Me About Updates

First there was Windows Update. Not a big deal, it only nagged once a week at most, and you could easily turn it off if it became too annoying.

Then Adobe Update. It’s a damn document viewer, why should it need to be updated if I’m having no trouble viewing documents?

Then Flash. Java. iTunes. Web browsers. Updates for Linux, for MacOS. Even my phone goes on and on about updating itself. Every asshole program seems to have a need to whine about updates. Look, I don’t care. I know that as soon as I install an update you’re just going to start bugging me about the next update. Shut up and update yourself if you feel you must, but don’t bother me about it. Blah blah security blah blah. I don’t care. Unless a program isn’t working right for me I neither need nor need to know about updates. I don’t care how insecure my text editor is. It’s for editing text. It’s not like I store bars of gold in the damn thing.

I do not need to be nagged about a thousand stupid little programs every time I start a computer (no matter the OS). Just shut up and go away.

3 thoughts on “Stop Bothering Me About Updates

  1. Berten hall

    There should be a secret check box for “I know what the f I’m doing, now just leave me alone unless the program breaks.”

  2. shiny666

    how about the popup that tells you that an auto-update was successful, but is persistent for like 20 seconds and has an “x”-button that is probably 4 pixels by 5? Thank god some sane dev put in the option to reduce the duration to zero. (Although 0 seconds seems something akin to 3)

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