I just finished reading Elfsong by Elaine Cunningham, book 9 of The Harpers and the sequel to Elfshadow.  It was a 3.5-star book.  It had decent characters, and was your typical sword-and-sorcery novel.  A tale well-told, but not a tale you can’t live without.  Read it if you like the other Harpers books.


  • dwibli says:

    what do you think of Terry Pratchetts amazing books?

  • Xangis says:

    The first few with Rincewind are awesome, as are the ones from the past few years (Monstrous Regiment, Going Postal, The Truth, The Fifth Elephant). A few books in the middle of the series aren’t all that great (i.e. Eric), but I’ve never read a Pratchett book I didn’t like.

  • dwibli says:

    im just facinated by his language, which is awesome according to me.