First Zone Editor Preview Version

Here’s the first view of the Basternae Zone Editor available for download: (download removed, see the post about preview version 2)

Some warnings:

1. This is a pre-release version and it’s entirely likely that it will be unstable and lacking in features.
2. It has no help files.
3. It has no icons for the edit window buttons — just colors.  You have to guess what they do.
4. The map edit and walkthrough edit modes are not done yet (and haven’t been started yet either).
5. Save your work often and keep backup copies.

This is just to download, play around with a bit, and get a feel for.  I don’t expect that the area file format will change in a way that will break zones created with this editor, so you can actually start trying to use it to build something.

Check it out, see if it’s usable, and feel free to make requests, bug reports, or just say what would make you more likely to want to use the tool to create a zone for the new Basternae.