Global Domination

Or more like, “getting owned by globals”.

As part of the conversion to C++ one of the major tasks is moving all of the global functions into classes. There are a lot of them – each spell, command, skill, bard song, et cetera has been handled by a global in the past. Even with all that’s been moved, I still count 1,467 global functions that need to be moved into classes. This is down from about 2,000 when I started.

Some of this is easy. It’s obvious that a get_object_weight function belongs to the object classs and an initialize_mob function belongs to the mobile class. Other things might not be so easy, like functions that belong to both characters and objects like give_object_to_char. It could just as easily belong to either one. It’s not a big deal if I just make an arbitrary decision and stick it somewhere, but it is something that I have to think about.

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