The Idea Evolution of Basternae: Technical

Over the past few days I’ve spent a while working on rewriting the Basternae source code in C# (even though the original code is not completely object-oriented yet).  Ideally I’d like to have it run as a standalone application linked to a SQL server for data storage.  This is doable in C++, but in C# it’s far easier.

I still have the C++ version, but after some experimentation it looks like I’m going to stick with the idea of migrating to C#.  It’s been my favorite language lately, and it offers a bit more power than C++ does.  What better way to fully master a language than port a 115k-line project to it?  I will still have the old code to fall back on, but I hope to have the new code working in less than a month (which is the timeframe I had planned for the original string conversion anyway).

For now I’m pretty sure that I’m going to stick to C++ for the client, especially since it’s already written and just needs some slight modifications to work with the new engine and to work with Linux (ideally it will be able to run on Linux, Windows, and MacOS, but I have no access to MacOS so that’s a “maybe eventually” thing) .

As a techie I usually focus on the tech stuff first, but sometime soonish I’ll probably be posting about the gameplay changes I have in mind.