Stories And Lore

Basternae 1 and 2 had a huge number of total hours played.  Lots of players rose to prominence and some became pretty much legendary.  With all that adventure

If anyone wants to write up any fairy tales, legends, or lore of the past based on previous incarnations of Basternae and either characters of their own, past immortals, or others they knew of, it might be a fun thing to  post on the website as backstory or just general world lore (i.e. something along the lines of ‘St. Daeron and the Dragon’.  In fact, if someone feels so inclined to write any sort of back story beyond ‘everyone kills everyone’, they’re certainly welcome (and encouraged) to.

The world of Basternae 3 takes place somewhere between a few hundred and a few thousand years in the future after Basternae 2.  Among other things, the Flind race has faded out and have been overtaken by their more successful Gnoll cousins and the Githyanki have hunted the Githzerai nearly to extinction.  The world has been reformed somewhat, with rising water levels reshaping or destroying many of the land masses of the past (nobody has explained why they rose yet — global warming, superheating from a major war, bombardment by meteors, change in the planet’s orbit, who knows?).  The Artifacts have all been destroyed or reclaimed by the gods.

Nobody has really ever said anything about the major religions of the world, the number of moons, what the climate is like.  I could probably come up with something, but it would be more fun to have your input.