Tossing A Few Bugs In The Fire

I spent a while doing various fixes.  Here’s what it added up to:

* The dice command has been fixed.
* The visible command has been implemented.
* Drag corpse has been fixed.
* Fixed an issue where mobs would sometimes fail to ride mounts they’re supposed to be on according to the zone file.
* Fixed or improved a handful of immortal commands.
* Fixed or improved messages for a bunch of commands, including track, whirlwind, report, sleep, split, practice, disembark, forage, and train.
* Fixed a bug with moon phases that caused the world data file not to save.
* Made some fixes to and enhanced carve corpse.
* Fixed a problem that would cause people to show up on the who list more than once.
* Fixed an issue that would prevent a player from being able to follow a mob.
* The compare command has been fixed.
* Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause renting to fail.
* Fixed a problem that was preventing shops from being associated with their shopkeeper mobs when they load.