Client Version 0.17 – Attack of the Programmer Art

This update adds worldmap support.

Here are some examples:

Map Window Screenshot 1

Plains between the southeastern swamp and the blast crater.

Map Window Screenshot 2

On the road in the western forest.

Map Window Screenshot 3

Underground near the river crossing.

Map Window Screenshot 4

East of the mountains where the desert runs north into tundra and then glacier.

Map Window Screenshot 1 in Wintin

As a reference image, here’s the first map location in WinTin.Net

I guess the first three aren’t too bad aside from some tile banding and edge mismatches, but the fourth one looks like hell. I could do better if I spent more time on creating the tiles, but there’s probably a pretty solid limit to what I can do. If you’d like to try your hand at replacing some of the uglier tiles, you’re certainly welcome to.

If you download and install the client, there’s a “tiles” directory that contains the graphics for the map tiles, the equipment screen background, and the health/move meters. They’re loaded at startup, so if you replace any of the images with those of the same name and dimensions, they’ll be used instead.

This doesn’t do much good yet since no zones are attached to the map yet, but they will be soon.

You can download it here.

EDIT: I tried the client on Fedora 12 and it gave some library mismatch errors, so I created a static build. The new Linux build was created on Ubuntu 9 and ran fine for me on a clean install of Fedora 12. Let me know your results if you try it.