Zones From Gargauth

Gargauth (also known as Baghtru) was nice enough to grant the use of his zones.  There’s a pretty good collection:

The Village of Stoneward
The Village of Friehold
Mosswood Village
Ixxillian (the Enslaver hometown)
The Training Academy
The Temple of Strife

Most of them converted without issue, but I had to make some minor fixes to the editor to import certain bits (it didn’t translate the Umber Hulk race yet, for instance).

While I was tinkering with the converter I sorted out quest importing, so quests translate and load now.

I also figured out a good way to handle setting spells on scrolls, wands, staves, and potions and modified the converter to perform that translation.  The next version of the editor should have spell editing on objects added.

The last major hurdle remaining with the zone format and editor is the whole equivalent of mobprogs / special functions / custom actions.  I’ve been braining on that for a bit, but haven’t started to put anything into action yet.