Month: February 2008

Smashin’ More Bugs

Now that the communication routines are a lot smoother I’ve been able to test and debug more of the rewritten code.  I fixed a bug in the new command interpreter and one in the string builder today.  I also came up with a better way of handling per-area repop points so it’ll be a lot

A Day Of Bugfixes

I spent today working through a handful of bugs in the new communication code in the MUD engine and fixing a few problems in the Basternae version 2-to-3 zone converter.  Some of the text formatting still needs some work, but things are a *LOT* better now than they were before, especially with the network portions

An ANSI Screen Editor

One of the things that was always a pain in the butt was creating and editing the ANSI color screens for the MUD intro, race and class selection screens, and the menu. With our new screen format it was actually pretty easy to build an editor specifically for Basternae screens. I spent a few hours

A Few Fixes

I found and fixed a few minor bugs in the core MUD engine today.  I also found and destroyed some duplicate code and unused functions. I’m not sure, but I think about May might be a good time to put a server up.  It’d just be for development until the game was in a playable

Again With The Editor

Today’s improvements include editing of mob and object special functions and detailed editing of exits and resets (load commands).

A Bit More On The Editor

I spent a while working on the zone editor again today, and the quest editing section is complete.  Even though the version numbers I’m using are completely arbitrary, the editor is now at version 0.14.

More Editor Progress

No fancy screenshots to show today, but I made a lot of progress on the zone editor, with a lot of good progress on room, quest, and object editing.

Flag Editing in the Zone Editor

There’s a ton of things in the MUD engine that use flags. Rather than go through and create a separate dialog box to edit each batch of flags, I’ve come up with a way that just lets me tell the flag editor dialog what type of flags it’s using and it will fetch them and

A Self-Populating .NET About Box

One thing that has always been a little annoying is updating/changing the about box every time the program version or date changes. Here’s a neat little way to make it pull the values from the assembly info: private void aboutToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Assembly assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(); AssemblyCopyrightAttribute copyright = (AssemblyCopyrightAttribute)AssemblyCopyrightAttribute.GetCustomAttribute( assembly, typeof( AssemblyCopyrightAttribute

Got The .NET

Not much to report today, but I picked up the domain.  Now the full trilogy points here (.com, .net, and .org).  Yippee!

An Inelegantly Elegant Solution

One problem I’ve had to solve in building the Basternae zone editor is the conversion of Basternae-style colorized strings into something that will display properly in a GUI. Apparently text boxes aren’t smart enough to decipher Basternae-style text color codes (&+R, &n, &+y, etc.). In fact, there’s only really one control in the standard .NET