Month: August 2008

Resharper 4.0

Last year I tried the Resharper 3 plugin for Visual Studio, and posted my thoughts on it: It was OK, but not all that special. It had potential, but wasn’t quite “there” yet. I just finished trying out Resharper 4.0 and you could paste the Resharper 3.0 review in its place. It’s neat, but

A Re-Preview Of The Editor

Yesterday I said the area format wasn’t likely to change. That was before I finished the code-data separation. The same warnings from preview version 1 still applies.

First Zone Editor Preview Version

Here’s the first view of the Basternae Zone Editor available for download: (download removed, see the post about preview version 2) Some warnings: 1. This is a pre-release version and it’s entirely likely that it will be unstable and lacking in features. 2. It has no help files. 3. It has no icons for

Rewiring The Core

In the process or getting an alpha version of the editor ready I’ve found that I had to separate the game code, a.k.a. “business logic” from the data, a.k.a. “object model”.  Otherwise I’d have to include the entire MUD engine in the editor download.  Since that’s not something I want to do I’ve had to