Month: May 2011

Client Update: Now With Alias Support

I’ve pushed another update to the Basternae client today, version 0.23.  Download is available on the sidebar, as always. Here’s what’s changed: Alias support has been added.  Usage is #alias <keyword> <text that replaces the keyword>.  Aliases are saved when you click File -> Save Settings and loaded at startup. Rendering of surface map sections

Stop Bothering Me About Updates

First there was Windows Update. Not a big deal, it only nagged once a week at most, and you could easily turn it off if it became too annoying. Then Adobe Update. It’s a damn document viewer, why should it need to be updated if I’m having no trouble viewing documents? Then Flash. Java. iTunes.

GTK+ Is A Very Good SDK

GTK+ is a user interface toolkit for Linux.  It serves a similar purpose to WIN32, Windows Forms, WPF, Qt, Carbon, and Cocoa. Until recently I had only used GTK+ indirectly, through wxWidgets, which is a wrapper around the UI toolkits for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and others.  Ordinarily I’d just stick to wxWidgets so I don’t

Win32 Visual Styles

Nothing to do with Basternae, this is just a reminder to myself how to enable the visual styles for controls available in Windows XP and newer in a WIN32 project in Visual Studio 2010.  Had to do this at work and it’s a little tough to look up. 1. Edit Project settings. 2. Under Linker->Manifest

Map Improvements

It took a while, but I have the road tile changes done and in place. In addition, the surface map shows markers for the following zones that were attached but didn’t have markers: Autumnglen (Centaur Hometown) Court of the Muse Sarmiz’Duul The Minotaur Stronghold The Ice Tunnel Shaft The client still has a few map

Client Improvements

Basternae Client version 0.22 is available now, with the following improvements: All map tiles supported now. Anything before version 0.22 will look stupid on the overland map. Better starting window positions — they don’t pile on top of each other now. Hotkeys can be saved with File -> Save Settings. You can control whether the

Another Editor Update

In the process or editing roads on the surface map to set each section of road to the right tile (east-west, corner pieces, t-intersections, etc.) I found that the editor needed some updates to accommodate the tile system. I’ve released version 0.57 of the editor today, with map terrain editing (not useful for regular zone

Basternae Client 0.21

The first download, version 0.21 of the new WPF-based Basternae Client is now available for Windows. Check the right sidebar for a download link. I can post a version that will run via Mono on Linux or MacOS if anyone wants it. It’s still needs a lot of work, but at least it exits properly

Tiu Has Killed The Dragon

Brave Tiu was one of the first adventurers to sally forth on the quest to kill the dragon in Dragon Wilds. A whole village worth of corpses and some bugfixes later, the dragon lies dead at his feet.  Congratulations, Tiu, on being the first one to win the game.


In case anyone is curious about what I work on during the day, check this out: Sign up for the beta.  Surf the web securely, circumvent firewalls, browse anonymously, and do all the wonderful things you can do with a disposable remote browser. Works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. You can even use it