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A Day Of Bugfixes

I spent today working through a handful of bugs in the new communication code in the MUD engine and fixing a few problems in the Basternae version 2-to-3 zone converter.  Some of the text formatting still needs some work, but things are a *LOT* better now than they were before, especially with the network portions

Project Line Counter Revisited

When I decided to switch development efforts to C# I assumed that Project Line Counter didn’t support counting non-C++ code. It turns out I was wrong, so here’s an update on the codebase line counts: Main Codebase: 99,482 lines total 77,947 lines of code (78%) 8,252 lines of comments (8%) 1,285 mixed (code + comment)

Visual SourceSafe 2005 Is The Worst Application Ever

First off, don’t think I’m using VSS2005 for Basternae because I’m not – I’m using Subversion. However, I am using it at work. If I had a choice what source control application we used I’d be using Subversion there too.Over the years there have been many deeply flawed software applications. Luckily market Darwinism has weeded

JetBrains ReSharper

I just finished a trial of JetBrains ReSharper 3.0, an add-on for Visual Studio 2005 designed for code analysis and refactoring. ReSharper’s main feature is automatic code analysis. When you open a code file, it will scan for and higlight errors in your code and show an error count and error locations on the sidebar.

Visual Studio Becomes More Responsive

I mentioned in an earlier post that Visual Studio 2005 was gradually becoming more responsive as the error count decreased. On my system, which is a Pentium D 2.66 GHz with 1GB of RAM, it starts becoming usable again at about 22,000 errors (we’re at 22,267 now).  That’s where the “type-a-character-and-wait” transitions into using the

VS2005 Regular Expression Search Rules!

One of the things I had to do to eliminate a few thousand bugs as part of this C++ to C# conversion is replace the text transmission functions. Nevermind how they work internally, the important thing for the sake of the current conversion is that they look completely different. The old functions looked something like:

Visual Studio 2005

I’ve been using Visual Studio .Net 2003 for a long time. I’ve finally upgraded to 2005, and some of the changes are interesting. One of the things I’ve been doing is converting a lot of the c-string functions to STL std::string. It turns out that the old string functions I’m gradually eliminating have been deprecated:

SourceMonitor Update

Ahh, the joy of code metrics. Files: 132 Lines: 113,584 Statements: 58,853 % Branches: 29.2 % Comments: 8.8 Class Definitions: 52 Methods/Class: 6.86 Average Statements/Method: 14.7 Max Complexity: 477 Max Depth: 8 Average Depth: 1.86 Average Complexity: 11.47 For the first time, the number of lines of code has gone down.  This is because MobProgs

SourceMonitor Update

I just love these statistics tools… Files: 127 Lines: 116,320 Statements: 60,630 % Branches: 29.5 % Comments: 8.5 Class Definitions: 50 Methods/Class: 7.04 Average Statements/Method: 10.8 Max Complexity: 477 Max Depth: 8 Average Depth: 1.87 Average Complexity: 11.71 The number of files, class definitions, and methods per class has increased, while the statements per method

Project Line Counter Update

I’ve done a lot of writing, rewriting, replacing, and rearranging lately. Here are the current totals: 115,384 lines total 93,783 lines of code 9,859 lines of comments 2,071 mixed (code + comment) lines 13,813 blank lines I guess you could call that a small but not quite negligible increase.


One of my biggest complaints when booting into Linux is that I don’t have access to a merge tool quite as nice as WinMerge. The current version of WinMerge doesn’t run under Wine, but apparently an older version, 2.0.2, will. Some things are optional when writing code, but a good merge tool is not one


I found a code analysis and metrics program called SourceMonitor today. I downloaded version and fed it the source files for Basternae. Here’s what it came up with: Files: 120 Lines: 114,121 Statements: 59,490 % Branches: 29.2 % Comments: 8.6 Class Definitions: 43 Methods/Class: 4.41 Average Statements/Method: 14.2 Max Complexity: 477 Max Depth: 8

Lines and Lines of Code

One of my favorite free little toys for Microsoft Visual Studio is the Project Line Counter ( A count of the current Basternae codebase shows: 110,815 lines total 89,446 lines of code 9,880 lines of comments 2,003 mixed (code + comment) lines 13,492 blank lines Progress continues on changing to std::string, constructors and destructors, and