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Zone Permissions Needed

We had permission to use zones from these authors for Basternae 2. Even so, I want to be sure we have permission to use them with Basternae 3. If you know any of these folks, please pass the word that I’d like to get permission to use their zones in Basternae 3 (and/or all future

Editor Update (Version 0.43)

I did a little more work on the editor today.  Now that I’m able to convert zones created with DurisEdit, I decided to use the Basternae Editor tinker around a bit with the Minotaur Stronghold zone that I created and converted.  What did I work on?  The map view. I changed it so that it

Now Able To Import DurisEdit Zones

I’ve been wanting to add support to the zone converter for using DurisEdit to create Basternae 3 zones for a while now.  While it is nearly identical to the DikuEdit 3.10 that we’ve used for ages, there are a few subtle differences — their format allows multiclassing and has a few different classes available and

Two More Zones Connected

In addition to fixing a few bugs with immortal commands, I connected two more zones to the MUD, giving us a whopping total of 3 connected right now:  The Kobold Village, The Thri-Kreen hometown, and the Gypsy Encampment.

Test Connection Up Again (Temporarily)

I put up the MUD server so I could do some development.  Telnet port 4502 and feel free to report anything you find.   I haven’t fixed everything since the last test run, but did fix a handful of things. I don’t have a restart script running, so if it crashes, that means it’s going

Another Editor Update

Two zone editor updates in 24 hours — I’m on a roll here. Here’s what’s changed in version 0.42: — Select list dropdown now updates its text on navigate (< and >) for all object types. — Fixed a save-on-navigate issue that caused some information loss. — Set edit windows to have controls disabled when

An Update To The Editor

I admit it.  The last release of the zone editor (0.40) was pretty much unusable.  This one (0.41) should be quite a bit better. Things fixed/improved in this version: — Will now rebuild item select drop down list on create new items for all types. — Resets, shops, and quests now save current item on

Removing Hard-Coded Rooms, Objects, and Mobs

The old codebase had plenty of references to hard-coded room numbers. For instance, “Limbo” and the “default start room” for races without hometowns were set to room number 200. Well, having those etched permanently into code is a bad idea, since it ties you inextricably to certain specific area files, and more importantly, it forces

InnoSetup Is Most Excellent

For a couple months back in 2003 I had a full-time job doing nothing but building InstallShield installers.  It was a pretty arduous process even for simple applications. I wanted to build an installer for the Basternae Editor, which is a very simple program in that it doesn’t need any registry entries, license keys, services,

Basternae 3 Test Port Currently Running

I have a test port of Basternae 3 running on port 4502.  This is only temporary for the purpose of testing. Here’s a list of things that need to be tested.  Feel free to spend as little as 1 minute testing, or as long as the server is up.  I only plan to have

Good News and Bad News

Good News:  The crash is fixed.  It happened because an object was being loaded from a zone that didn’t exist. Bad News:  The root cause of the crash was that zones don’t actually load — the files open, but data isn’t read.  They load fine on Windows, but Mono isn’t happy.

Integrating Python?

One of the things I’ve been worrying over is how to write a new scripting and artificial intelligence engine that integrates all the buttery goodness and capabilities of MobProgs and the homebrew probability-based AI system I wrote for Basternae II along with the only-used-once movement scripts I put together. They were all pretty powerful, but

A Re-Preview Of The Editor

Yesterday I said the area format wasn’t likely to change. That was before I finished the code-data separation. The same warnings from preview version 1 still applies.

First Zone Editor Preview Version

Here’s the first view of the Basternae Zone Editor available for download: (download removed, see the post about preview version 2) Some warnings: 1. This is a pre-release version and it’s entirely likely that it will be unstable and lacking in features. 2. It has no help files. 3. It has no icons for

Rewiring The Core

In the process or getting an alpha version of the editor ready I’ve found that I had to separate the game code, a.k.a. “business logic” from the data, a.k.a. “object model”.  Otherwise I’d have to include the entire MUD engine in the editor download.  Since that’s not something I want to do I’ve had to

Zones From Lortar

Lortar has been kind enough to grant permission to use his zones from Basternae 2: Fairlocke The Elemental Plane of Air Tower of Darkness

Basternae Zone Contract

I’ve put together a simple “zone permission contract” here: It’s probably not necessary, but while I was publishing my science fiction magazine I found it to be a good idea to get everything in “official” writing. If you have written any zones you’d like to let us use or know someone who has, this

An Upgrade (For Me)

It’s been a busy week at work — just got myself a promotion and haven’t had a chance to work on the MUD as much as I’d like (more tired in the evenings than out of time, really). Most of this week’s effort has been directed toward the editor. I’m wondering whether it would be

Automatic Line Wrap

When writing a zone, it can be tough to know where to end your lines of text. While a standard terminal has 80 characters, some telnet programs start to look weird with any line that is more than 77 characters, and some terminals have 130 or more characters per line (usually depends on screen resolution).

Tweaking The Zone Converter

In working on the new zone editor I noticed that a few things seemed a little off in some of the test zones I was working with.  As much as I would like to blame the editor, since it’s new and untested, it turns out that the zone converter had an issue with race conversion