Category: Gameplay

Code and changes related to gameplay mechanics.

Stuff After Death

Lyran mentioned that it’d pretty tough to do anything after dying above level 5 for complete lack of equipment.  I added a toggle that lets players start with newbie equipment every time they die no matter what level they are and turned it on. Newbie equipment isn’t exactly a huge advantage, so it might be

Don’t Forget To Multiplay!

Nothing much to report today, but if you’re doing some testing feel to play as many characters as you like, including on different sides of the racewar. No better way to test grouping and fragging and all that related stuff than to stage a 6v6 PvP battle all made up of characters controlled by you.

Tossing A Few Bugs In The Fire

I spent a while doing various fixes.  Here’s what it added up to: * The dice command has been fixed. * The visible command has been implemented. * Drag corpse has been fixed. * Fixed an issue where mobs would sometimes fail to ride mounts they’re supposed to be on according to the zone file.

Version 0.51 Editor Update

Here’s another editor update: Object Editing Changes * Added spell editing to certain types of objects (wands, staves, potions, scrolls, etc.)  The spell can be selected from a drop down list, or typed in manually for custom spells that aren’t in the editor.  That means you can declare spells that don’t exist yet and when

Stories And Lore

Basternae 1 and 2 had a huge number of total hours played.  Lots of players rose to prominence and some became pretty much legendary.  With all that adventure If anyone wants to write up any fairy tales, legends, or lore of the past based on previous incarnations of Basternae and either characters of their own,

Game Design Philosophy Posted

I posted a page that gives an overview of some of the ideas that are being used to guide design here: Basternae Game Design Philosophy It’s entirely possible that I failed to address some concepts, but that’s the general idea of it.  Are there any topics I failed to mention?

What MUDs Have The Best AI?

Most MUDs have mobiles of very limited intelligence that stand around waiting to be killed and often don’t even bother to remember that you attacked them ten seconds ago.  Some games have more intelligent creatures that actively try to defend themselves and take down the enemy by the most effective means (always fireballing trolls, dispelling

Test Connection Up Again (Temporarily)

I put up the MUD server so I could do some development.  Telnet port 4502 and feel free to report anything you find.   I haven’t fixed everything since the last test run, but did fix a handful of things. I don’t have a restart script running, so if it crashes, that means it’s going

Basternae 3 Test Port Currently Running

I have a test port of Basternae 3 running on port 4502.  This is only temporary for the purpose of testing. Here’s a list of things that need to be tested.  Feel free to spend as little as 1 minute testing, or as long as the server is up.  I only plan to have

Integrating Python?

One of the things I’ve been worrying over is how to write a new scripting and artificial intelligence engine that integrates all the buttery goodness and capabilities of MobProgs and the homebrew probability-based AI system I wrote for Basternae II along with the only-used-once movement scripts I put together. They were all pretty powerful, but

A Review of Duris

The MUD Connector has an interesting review of Duris posted: I’ve always enjoyed Duris and still play it off and on (maybe half a dozen weeks a year), but it has always had so many flaws that I end up getting fed up and walking away after a while. Part of it is administrative,

Raph Koster Is Pretty Awesome

Some of you may remember Raph from Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, or Everquest II. He also wrote a few articles for Imaginary Realities webzine (a webzine about MUDs for those of you who don’t know). The site was pretty active from 1998-2001, but at some point it vanished from the face of the Earth.

A Price On Your Head

One thing I’m surprised never made it into Basternae — bounties.  It’s only natural that you would be able to set a price on someone’s head in a PvP MUD. So I implemented about 60% of a bounty system today.   There are still a few details to work out, but the core of the system

Too Many Levels

I’ve played on a handful of MUDs, and just about every one of them has regular player levels from 1 to 50, especially those from the family tree of Basternae. I’ve always thought that was just too many. Although the levels from 1 to 20 have usually been pretty quick and kind of fun, especially

Repop Points

Setting up hometown repop points for the various races and classes in Basternae 2 was a real pain. We had, in code, a two-dimensional array that would be referenced to get the room number for each particular race/class combination. Any special cases where someone had a choice or more than one hometown had to be