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Posts about the Basternae MUD and/or the ModernMUD codebase.

Custom Action Editing

I’ve got custom action editing working in the zone editor now.  Here’s an example: To create an action, you select items from the drop down list to build a sentence describing the trigger and the resulting action. After you have an trigger added, you can add additional actions by selecting the item in the list

Custom Actions: Our Version of Scripting

Some MUDs, including Basternae 2 and those derived from the Envy family tree, support MobProgs. Some MUDs, inlcluding Basternae 2 and those derived from the Diku/Envy family tree, used custom C code (“spec_fun” code) to add special abilities to mobs and objects. MobProgs are useful, but they can be a pain to edit because they’re

Version 0.51 Editor Update

Here’s another editor update: Object Editing Changes * Added spell editing to certain types of objects (wands, staves, potions, scrolls, etc.)  The spell can be selected from a drop down list, or typed in manually for custom spells that aren’t in the editor.  That means you can declare spells that don’t exist yet and when

Zones From Gargauth

Gargauth (also known as Baghtru) was nice enough to grant the use of his zones.  There’s a pretty good collection: The Village of Stoneward The Village of Friehold Mosswood Village Ixxillian (the Enslaver hometown) The Training Academy The Temple of Strife Most of them converted without issue, but I had to make some minor fixes

More Zones Converted

I made a few changes to the converter because it liked to choke on mismatched ANSI codes, i.e. if you had an &+Y in the description for an exit and didn’t have an &n at the end, it would flip out. I also made a few modifications that would make it spit out warnings instead

More Map Progress

I updated the surface map a bit, adding some swamp, jungle, tundra, and arctic terrain. Surface Map: I also created underground levels 1 and 2.  The first level is a fairly large map, while the second is a bit closed in. Underground 1: Underground 2: The map zones haven’t been generated yet, I’ve just created

Version 0.50 Editor Update

Here’s another update the the zone editor.  Changes are: Extra Descriptions * Extra description editing in objects and rooms is working now. Area Settings * Added editing of area-wide flags, such as “no dimension door” or “is worldmap”. * Added height and width to area settings for use with surface/underground map zones. Walkthrough Mode *

Stories And Lore

Basternae 1 and 2 had a huge number of total hours played.  Lots of players rose to prominence and some became pretty much legendary.  With all that adventure If anyone wants to write up any fairy tales, legends, or lore of the past based on previous incarnations of Basternae and either characters of their own,

Game Design Philosophy Posted

I posted a page that gives an overview of some of the ideas that are being used to guide design here: Basternae Game Design Philosophy It’s entirely possible that I failed to address some concepts, but that’s the general idea of it.  Are there any topics I failed to mention?

A Facebook Group

I’m not really all that sure why I created it, but Basternae now has a Facebook group.  Here it is: Can’t say I have plans to post much of anything, but go ahead and fan us anyhow. 🙂

Version 0.49 Editor Update

I started using the editor to build a hometown for the Grey Elves.  This will be the first zone I’ve tried to build from scratch using the new editor.  This update is mainly map view improvements and a few important fixes to mob editing. Map View * Rooms on map view now show terrain type

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML)

One of the things I plan to have the MUD engine support is AIML. That’s an XML-based file format that defines conversational data for a “chatterbot”. I’m sure most everyone has heard of the Eliza, Julia, or A.L.I.C.E chat bots. The idea is that you can create personalities that respond to certain phrases, much like

Version 0.48 Editor Update

Here’s what’s changed: Added an ‘edit affect’ button to the object editing screen that lets you edit, add, or remove object modifiers like +1 to hitroll or -3 to dexterity. Fixed a nasty glitch with object editing when the material type had a two-word name. Removed empty entries from the object type list. The object

Working Version of the Spell Editor

Over the past few days the spell editor has evolved into a useful tool for making changes to spells.  Here’s a view of what it looks like now:

Version 0.47 Editor Update

I’ve released an editor update today.  Changes are: Object Editing * Material type list is now sorted alphabetically. * When editing object values, value labels change based on object type for about half of the object types.  This makes it easier to tell what values you’re editing. Mob Editing * Race name is now sorted

More Zones Connected

I’ve converted and connected “The Cavern of the Worms” by Zaeru, “Fairlocke” by Lortar, and “The Elemental Plane of Air” by Lortar.  There are a few more zones that will be ready connect as soon as I can improve the zone converter to handle them.  Dang cobbled-together thing chokes for the silliest of reasons.

More Spells Are Working Now

25 more spells are working today, mostly defensive beneficial sorcerer and cleric spells like ‘fly’, ‘invisibility’, and ‘protection from fire’.  There are quite a lot more to work on, but it’s good progress.

What MUDs Have The Best AI?

Most MUDs have mobiles of very limited intelligence that stand around waiting to be killed and often don’t even bother to remember that you attacked them ten seconds ago.  Some games have more intelligent creatures that actively try to defend themselves and take down the enemy by the most effective means (always fireballing trolls, dispelling

Offensive Spells

I finished up more of the new spell engine and damage spells can be used now.  I’ve only tested magic missile so far, but it worked beautifully. 😛